Build qserv-operator


  • git

  • go version v1.16+.

  • docker version 20.10+.

  • Access to a Kubernetes v1.20+ cluster. For development purpose, kind is recommended. This kind quickstart might help.

  • Operator-sdk v1.15+ (see below for quick install)

  • kubectl version v1.20+.


qserv-operator is based on operator-sdk v1.9.0

git clone
cd qserv-operator
# Pre-requisite, run it only once
# Build qserv-operator image
# If using `kind`, push qserv-operator image to it
./ -kd

Test qserv-operator

# Install qserv-operator
# Install qserv
kubectl apply -k manifests/base

Generate and upload documentation

Documentation is automatically built and generated on each Travis-CI build. This can also be performed manually by launching script below:

curl -fsSL | bash -s -- -p <LTD_PASSWORD> ~/src/qserv